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A Special Note

Everyone has a dream.

In 2007 I found myself in Los Angeles. I was born in Nigeria, I grew up in Minnesota, and I ended up in the creative capital of the world. I quickly realized that so many young people like myself had come from all over the world to live the epitome of the American Dream, the Hollywood Dream. This led to 2012 when I decided to catalyze and support other dreamers and doers into one group, and that became The Future Party.


Through building The Future Party, I was lucky enough to meet close friends who became my rag-tag group of passionate Co-Founders. We believed in the same vision around the community we were beginning to form. There was something about this group of individuals in our community who were assistants, coordinators and creatives at some of the top entertainment companies in the world that felt special. Everyone felt marginalized and under-utilized to a degree, but everyone had a specific game changing DNA. We had the next creative and entrepreneurial leaders in our midst. The diamonds in the rough.


We started building our community by throwing organic house parties in lieu of stuffy networking events. These graduated into intimate salon gatherings, dinners, and branded activations. Our events went from hundreds of people to thousands. In 2016, we created a newsletter expanding the creative conversation, which brought our physical community into the digital world.


Fast forward to today, our community has exceeded our expectations with leaders at various top companies and some of the world’s leading artists, musicians and entrepreneurs involved. We’ve been a part of hundreds of gatherings and have connected with thousands of ambitious and aspirational people.


Recently our dream came one step closer to reality. We now have a new home with new partners, NVE Experience Agency. They are an influential organization working with the world’s most iconic brands. They see something special in our community and have jumped on board for the ride. It’s a fresh beginning with change and opportunity. We’re super-charging our dream, and providing more resources to all the members of our community.


As we charge into the future with a fresh brand identity, The Future Party is planning all sorts of things including original content and more unique experiences, but community will always be the heartbeat. Thank you for attending our events. Thank you for reading our content. Thank you for supporting each other, sharing special moments and building community. We’re on a quest to help more people discover how to be greater than themselves, empowering everyone we meet For The Future.

Boye Fajinmi, Co-Founder

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