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30 Most Influential NFT Artists Right Now

The 30 Most Influential NFT Creators Right Now

30 Most Influential NFT Artists Right Now
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The 30 Most Influential NFT Creators Right Now

Do you view NFTs as an asset bubble or as the future of collectibles? Like fine art or Pokémon Cards? It almost doesn’t matter. The discourse around crypto has been plenty polarizing, but it hasn’t changed the fact that non-fungible tokens are beginning to represent real-world assets (i.e., paintings, sculptures, and more).

What’s revolutionary about these digital assets? A lot. Why? Because practically anything can be “minted” (the process that attaches NFTs to the blockchain) and given sky-high value by a community of entrepreneurs — it seems, at least for the moment, that NFTs are the creator economy’s equivalent of the gold rush merging with cyberpunk. NFTs could even help unlock the metaverse (scroll down to Krista Kim for an exploration of this).

Disclaimer: Our list does not include investors like MetaKovan, syndicates, labs, celebrity influencers like Paris Hilton, or collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club that dominate the space. We don’t mean to invalidate their contributions, but our focus is on the creators that currently inspire us.

Below is our curated list of the 30 Most Influential NFT Creators right now. Some of them are criminally underrated; others are bonafide legends. Of note, the ordering isn’t meant to be repressive or hypercritical. So, if you think we’re missing someone, please don’t panic… we’ll be posting our supplemental list on Twitter.