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Building Brand Awareness + Increasing Consumer Adoption
South By Southwest Case Study
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Fewer Placements, More Saturation

'After great success with previous campaigns we partnered to introduce Detoxwater at SXSW. With the help of The Future Party, the brand was able distribute over 6500 bottles and boost a key demographic.'
- Christine Widga, Director of Marketing at Detoxwater
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Detoxwater is a premium line of bioactive aloe water enhanced with electrolytes and vitamins. At only 15-30 calories per bottle, it delivers the clinically proven benefits of pure aloe vera juice. Detox’s mission is making the nutritional and health benefits of premium aloe vera accessible to anyone who wants to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Situation

More awareness

For Detoxwater, aloe meant much more than just the occasional sunburn remedy – it was essential. For health-conscious drinkers who sought more from their beverages, Detoxwater ticked all the boxes.  Eco-friendly and locally sourced offering the highest quality aloe vera benefits, including boosting the immune system, digestive health, nutrient absorption, skin elasticity and glow.

Detoxwater’s goal was to introduce the product line at SXSW to target key demographics in new markets and ramp up national distributor interest. Our focus was geared more toward getting a refreshing product in the hands of festival-goers when they needed it most.

To introduce the brand to the masses, Detoxwater and its influencer agency TheFutureParty had one goal: Let the whole world know about Detoxwater, but fiercely maintain an atmosphere of exclusiveness.

The Challenge

Give trendsetters a taste of the Detoxwater experience

Targeting these demographics accurately and presenting the product during a moment of need was the biggest challenge.  Using The Future Party network at SXSW, we identified partner brands and strategically placed sponsored product for maximum coverage and exposure.

We laid out a brilliant campaign plan: We co-hosted a series of intimate, VIP-only events for influencers across Austin, TX and used a scalable distribution approach to get the products in the hands of these audiences. The sole purpose was to give trendsetters a taste of the Detoxwater experience, and a reason to spread the word in their circles.

Each event contained three essential ingredients:

VIP Guests

The guests predominantly from Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco were creatives, wellness aficionados, athleisure brand managers, high-powered business executives, social media stars, and other influencers in the art, music, business, philanthropic, fashion, and tech circles.

Exclusive Venues

The partners were the kinds of places and brands that embodied the Detoxwater ethos. Like the Energizing Health House, helping eliminate systemic barriers to health and create healing communities and Girls Lounge by The Female Quotient, tapping into the power of collaboration to activate solutions for change.

On-Brand Theme

The event themes ranged from exclusive private gatherings at neighboring residences featuring guests like former NBA All-Star Baron Davis and live performances by Talib Kweli, Mick, Coco & Breezy, and King Ivan to a luxurious VIP outdoor kickback at the Four Seasons during South By Southwest.

The Results

A scalable event system at SXSW

The design of the Detoxwater program was based on a “distributed host” model. This meant that each partner event host was encouraged to recruit influential attendees to host their own private events as well. Partner events included: Patreon, The Female Quotient, Capital Factory, Energizing Health House, Culture House and Amplify Philly.

With TheFutureParty, this influencer program scaled exponentially. That’s because our sprawling network attends SXSW religiously.

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23 k
Unique Attendees
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Banded Experiences
2.5 M
Aggregated Expressions
6.5 k
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