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Over the past several years online gaming has grown in popularity and is connecting people all over the world. We’re excited to explore the world of Esports to learn about what makes it tick, celebrate the diversity it encourages, and deep dive into the future of what is to come for this industry. We’re bringing together various key industry people together for a hosted dinner and conversation about how young people are benefiting from this new sport, how brands can find the most benefit out of the market and what new broadcasting opportunities are available within the industry. Come for a night of friends, dinner, games, drinks and intimate conversations with some of the world’s leading brands, Esports players and executives.


The Alchemy House is a beautiful estate tucked away in the Hollywood Hills. Entering the property feels like going through a portal to Old Hollywood or a European country villa. The house is a home for musicians, artists and entrepreneurs to come and participate in community.

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Daniel Fiden

President of Cloud9 Esports, Inc.

Dan is the president of prominent North American esports organization, Cloud9 Esports, Inc. Dan previously served as a member of Cloud9’s Board of Directors, having led Cloud9’s seed investment round through FunPlus Ventures — an investment vehicle affiliated with mobile game publisher FunPlus, which was sold to Century Games / Shanda for over $1BN.

Before becoming a member of Cloud9’s executive team, Dan served as Chief Strategy Officer for FunPlus, which he joined after having invested in that company’s first funding round. Dan founded Signia Venture Partners, where he focused on early stage game ecosystem investing. Prior to Signia, he held a number of roles in the game industry, including CEO of Wild Needle (sold to Zynga), US General Manager at social game company Playfish (sold to EA), served as a member of the advisory board at the Game Developers Conference, and as Creative Director on the You Don’t Know Jack series of games at independent developer Jellyvision (now Jackbox Games.)

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Dan Dinh

Founder of Team SoloMid

Dan Dinh entered the League of Legends competitive scene by forming All or Nothing with his brother, Andy “Reginald” Dinh. Despite early success, he left the team after he and his brother made conflicting calls in game. Dan then went on to create the team Epik Gamer in 2010, where he played as their jungler. He left the team in March 2012 and joined 4Nothing. After leaving 4Nothing in April to be replaced by ClakeyD, Dan Dinh announced his retirement and temporarily became a caster for various events. In December 2012, Dan reformed Epik Gamer for the January Season 3 North American Qualifiers, but disbanded after being eliminated in the group stage. Later that month, Dan Dinh moved in with Team Solo Mid as a substitute jungler during Season 3, though he saw no play time at major tournaments. Dan Dinh left his position on TSM in October 2013 and moved to Los Angeles to coach Cloud 9.

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