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2016 Was Horrible

It ain’t over till it’s over…

Love it or hate it, 2016’s been a wild ride. From a monumental election to noticeable paradigm shifts in our economy as well as iconic phenomenons like Pokemon Go, big things popped and people dropped. As we turn a page in the history books, 2017 in all its anticipation, feels a lot more promising.

The Future Party this year was gangbusters. We threw numerous events including a SXSW activation with some of the world’s leading pioneers, intimate dinners with open discussions about the state of the world, and the most epic halloween party with top hustling millennials.

Throughout the year, we hosted monthly gatherings bringing together world class speakers to explore the future of fashion and merchandise, share what we’ve come to understand about virtual reality, and challenge the existing music landscape.

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We’ve got a bunch more things planned from bigger and better events to cool new pieces of content. Email us if you have any ideas or want to contribute.

Stay woke this next week. Hang in there, 2016’s almost done, but you know what they say, it ain’t over till it’s over.

Happy New Year ?

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