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Travel In The New Year

With a crazy year behind us and the unknown in front, we are at an interesting intersection where the proliferation of technology, the current state of the world, and “fake news” are leading people to want to get the hell out and go on perpetual vacation.

The good news is, we’re living in the age of “The Experience Economy” where experiencing something new and authentic from nostalgia to wanderlust is an addictive drug easily accessible to all.

The office is now where your laptop is. Your friends and family are always with you on your phone. We thrive on experiences and have never been more empowered to enjoy them.

A compelling study done by popular event ticketing platform eventbrite mentions that millennials, America’s largest generation, are entering their prime in the workforce. Guess what, this demo spends $1.3 trillion in annual consumer spending and more than 3 out of 4 “millennials” would rather experience something than buy something. This combination of interest in events, and the increasing ability to spend, is driving the growth of the experience economy.

It should come as no surprise the apparent shift in the way individuals are now approaching travel and vacation, in fact, the travel and tourism industry brings in an annual $7.3 trillion dollars and is growing every single year.

Now this is about more than just taking a trip to Coachella. People can actually make a living while living a life of entertaining experiences. They can even make it their business.

Facebook allows for remote working and encourages their staff to work in their different offices internationally.

WordPress runs a billion dollar establishment and they don’t even have an office, by the way, they power 25% of all websites on the internet.

Airbnb is tapping into experience culture and moving from a platform just for booking interesting places to one of discovery and adventure. Their new full service travel experience empowers  hosts to provide guests with dining options, tour guides and transportation. In fact, CEO Brian Chesky wants “a world more like the villages of old: highly trusting and filled with micro-entrepreneurs who share their assets to make a living.”

He thinks they can contribute heavily to a world of 100M micro entrepreneursmaking a living through sharing their property or skills for business.

Everyone’s looking for their sense of self and no longer is success defined by your status or what you own, but instead by what you’ve experienced, who you were with, and where those memories live.

This should give insight to how brands and businesses can create unique experiences with customers that are out of the box, in the element and connective with a generation bent on this way of living.

As we enter 2017, no matter what happens, good, bad, crazy or astounding, go see the world, work to unbridle yourself from your own location, and don’t be caught in the dangerous cycle of the mundane.

Create opportunities of learning and make smart investments with your time. Build who you are as an individual, tap into your sense of adventure, take a risk, think of what you define as success, and go after it. You’ll continue to see more opportunity wherever you go and be inspired by it. With so many empowering technologies, there is such a huge opportunity to learn and discover yourself and it won’t be found building a life from a cubicle.

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