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Blockchain is a buzzword right now, but how are we actually implementing tangible and practical applications for this technology? Join The Future Party as we discuss different applications for various industries with some innovative folks devoted to unraveling the hype of this technology.


A new coworking space curated around tech, media, and entertainment.  Phase Two is a space where entrepreneurs, technologists, creators, and storytellers, come to work, mingle and play.
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Mahbod Moghadam

Co-Founder of Everipedia

Mahbod Moghadam is an Iranian-American internet entrepreneur and investor. He is a co-founder of Everipedia. Moghadam was formerly a co-founder of Rap Genius (now Genius), which he started in 2009 with Yale University classmate and friend Tom Lehman. Moghadam graduated from Yale University in 2004, magna cum laude, majoring in History and International Studies. He was in Phi Beta Kappa and received distinction in both majors.

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Sam Kazemian

Co-Founder of Everipedia

Sam Kazemian is an Iranian-Americansoftware engineer​ best known for founding Everipedia with Theodor Forselius, Mahbod Moghadam, and Travis Moore in 2015. Sam graduated from UCLA in 2015, double majoring in Neuroscience and Philosophy. During his tenure at UCLA, Sam put together a homemade CPU +GPU mining rig using old desktop computers in his dorm to mine cryptocurrencies in 2014. Prior to University, Sam attended Westlake High School, where he was a Cross Country and distance athlete.

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Kedar Lyer

Lead Blockchain Developer - Everipedia

Kedar is an entrepreneur that founded the Bangalore-based dating site, LetsChai. In 2014, Kedar became a full stack engineer at RFSpot Inc. where he developed software platforms to administer and navigate a fleet of semi-autonomous retail robots.​ For over a year, Kedar was the lead instructor for the Web Development Immersive course at General Assembly’s Downtown LA campus, and was the Engineer in Residence while not teaching. 

Kedar is the founder of Emergent Phenomena, a blockchain engineering company. He has worked with a number of companies including Triwer, LibertyBlock, and Everipedia​. He is now the Director of Software at Everipedia.

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Tatiana Koffman

Chief Token Officer of Full Cycle Energy

Specializing in asset-backed tokens, Tatiana serves as the Chief Token Officer of Full Cycle Energy, the first global energy STO. She is the author of the Official Guide to the Security Token Ecosystem, and curator of ‘Security Tokens R US’, an invite-only telegram group of 300+ regulatory pioneers. Previously, Tatiana was a Venture Partner at DNA.fund investing in ICO’s across sectors, and part of the founding team at Machine Shop Ventures, an early-stage VC fund by the rock band Linkin Park, invested in Robinhood, Lyft, Riot Games & Hyperloop One.​ Tatiana is also the founder of Crypto for Girls, a movement to engage more females in the blockchain industry.

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Daniel Riddell

Advisor Decent Foundation

Daniel currently serves as Adviser to the DECENT Foundation, a Switzerland based blockchain technology company, CTO of Kidoodle.TV, a global children’s entertainment service, and President of ReacDev Studios Inc., a software company focused on developing enterprise-scale cloud computing application solutions.

In the past he has successfully created and deployed cloud-based linear television broadcast solutions, asset management, encoding systems, schedule management and business management systems.

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• Open Bar & Music

7:00 PM


• Dinner is served

8:00 PM


• Everipedia Team, Daniel Riddell and Tatiana Koffman.

8:30 PM

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