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AR Cloud

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AR Cloud uses spatial computing and computer vision to create a digital data overlay for the physical world. It will allow AR experiences to be sophisticated, shared and persistent. In the same way that “search” revolutionized the internet, AR Cloud will completely change the way we access information about the world.

Julia Sourikoff, Executive Producer AR / VR / 360 - Tool of North America

Expert Consultant, Co-Writer & Member of The Future Party


“The world is about to be painted with data. Every place. Every person. Everything.”

Additional Reading

Debunking the AR Cloud

We all live under the same sun. And eventually, we will share the same (AR)-Cloud.
That is re-phrasing the vision of Ori Inbar, a well known AR thought leader. The AR Cloud is, supposedly, the promise that will finally make augmented reality go mainstream. But what is the AR Cloud all about? And: Will there really be one cloud for all of us? Probably not. Here is why I don’t think there will be one cloud for us all.

By Philipp Nagele
Persistence Becomes the Focus

This networked mesh of constant, spatial data has been deemed the AR cloud, and it’s being heralded as one of the most important software engines of the decade. When applied to world-scale AR, the illusion is that your behavior can be traced back to a physical location, detectable through any mobile device.

By Julia Sourikoff
The Urgent Case For Open AR Cloud

The non profit behind the leading AR+VR conference and expo has announced a major initiative to promote an Open AR Cloud. 'The AR Cloud will be the single most important software infrastructure in computing, far more valuable than Facebook's social graph or Google's pagerank index,' says Augmented World Expo Founder and CEO Ori Inbar.

By Greg Nichols
Who Is Seeding The AR Cloud?

This trillion dollar opportunity depends on three things working seamlessly together; computer vision, AI, and the AR cloud. Not surprisingly, tech giants Amazon, Google, and Facebook, we well as startups large (Magic Leap) and small (6D.ai, Placenote) are working to address some or all of these problems.

By Charlie Fink
The AR Cloud Explained

The background is that consumer AR apps have fallen short of expectations because they’re fairly one-dimensional and underwhelming. Inbar likens this to surfing the web in 1996: We didn’t have the level of content and social interaction that would come to define web 2.0 a decade later.

By Mike Boland


Virtual & Augmented Reality are immersive technologies that provide new and powerful ways for people to generate, use and interact with digital information. These technologies take traditional media beyond conventional screens and use photographic images, video or computer generated graphics (sometimes provided as an 360-degree view within your field of vision) as a new communication and interaction medium that can be used across your company from marketing and sales to field services, training and data visualization.
Companies like Walmart, Farmers Insurance and Boeing have already begun deploying this technology across their organizations for training. Specific examples of how other brands are using VR/AR right now are detailed below.
Whether you are a brand marketer, director of operations, run a line of business or head of HR, there are many ways you can deploy this technology to generate substantial revenue, increase productivity or improve safety.
Priority by industry over the next 12 months
Gaming 0
Education 0
Healthcare 0
Film / TV / Broadcast Media 0
Architecture & Construction 0
Travel & Tourism 0
Manufacturing 0
Automotive 0
Retail 0
Sports 0
Banking & Finance 0
Other 0
Market predictions for VR / AR

Estimated compound annual growth over next five years.

Research & Markets
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$108 Billion

Estimated value of VR / AR industry by 2020.

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$1.3 Trillion

Estimated value of VR / AR by 2035

Citi Financial
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$725.4 Million

Worldwide revenue from AR mobile apps in 2016.


VentureFuel’s AR Cloud Startups to Watch


Led by Matt Miesnieks, one of AR’s most prolific thought leaders, 6D.Ai is tackling the first steps of making semantic 3D maps of the world. Their SDK will enable developers to build world scale apps, where assets are persistent, responsive to occlusion, and synced between users.

Learn more
Blue Vision Labs

A London-based startup building technology that can pinpoint people and other moving objects in space to centimeter level accuracy. Their free SDK can currently support AR experiences built for San Francisco, New York City, and London.

Learn more
Ubiquity 6

A startup using spatial computing to bring people together. Their platform enables multiplayer, persistent AR experiences allowing users to create and interact in shared spaces across the world.

Learn more
Escher Reality

Recently acquired by Niantic, Escher Reality is developing the next wave of spatial computing. Their technology will bring multi-user, persistent, markerless, cross-platform AR experiences to the core of Niantic’s AR platform.

Learn more

A global AR platform designed to scale and synchronize views and interactions between
on mobile devices and smart glasses. Their Unity SDK features interoperable AR objects and patent pending AR Cloud technology.

Learn more

Their SDK simplifies the multiplayer AR app development process, offering a fully managed cloud solution for mapping and localization as well as a Unity package that includes player position tracking, player networking, and simple game UI elements.

Learn more
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VentureFuel is a full-service innovation consultancy helping Global 2000 companies solve problems through partnerships with startups and new technologies. Their Global Innovation Network utilizes advanced scouting to provide unparalleled access to breakthrough technologies and first-to-market, stealth opportunities. VentureFuel delivers tangible results for its clients by vetting each opportunity specifically for each unique business challenge. From discovery to problem solving, from the
Museum of Ice Cream to blockchain – each partnership is built to drive results.
Curious how AR Cloud can revolutionize your business and give your corporation a competitive advantage? Contact them here

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