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Detox Water

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We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help seed Detoxwater at Coachella. With the help of The Future Party, the brand was able to boost awareness among our key demographic and create a huge buzz.

- Christine Widga, Director of Marketing at Detoxwater

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Detox water is a premium line of bioactive aloe water enhanced with electrolytes and vitamins. At only 15-30 calories per bottle, it delivers the clinically proven benefits of pure aloe vera juice – an ingredient known to support healthy digestion, immune function, nutrient absorption and improved skin elasticity. Detox’s mission is making the nutritional and health benefits of premium aloe vera accessible to anyone who wants to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Challenge

The marketing team at Detoxwater sought to engage and reach a new audience with an effective return on investment. Knowing their target audience, Coachella was the best opportunity to develop massive brand exposure with limited resources.
To make the biggest impact at the festival, Detox needed a bespoke solution to target the most influential attendees, distribute thousands of bottles, demonstrate the products value, increase exposure of the brand and most importantly deliver this solution with a limited budget and 10 day time-frame.

The Strategy

Low Cost Distribution

With an expansive network and strong relationships, we secured placements at the most exclusive Coachella parties, saving on average $50k per placement. Relationships and clever marketing made it possible to get Detoxwater in the hands of Coachella’s elite.

Strategic Brand Placements

Our existing relationships allowed us to place Detox water at exclusive events including Holo House, OWSLA and Safe Space. Detox was mixed with beverages at the bar, prominently displayed and used by thousands to stay hydrated.

Organic Exposure to a New Audience

We delivered cases to both influencer and tastemaker homes to widen the exposure of Detoxwater, creating organic user-generated content and brand affinity among influencers attending the festival.

Brand Experience & Value

Hot days in the desert provided the best use case for Detoxwater and resulted in an authentic story and perceived value from concert goers. The engagement was natural and the product served a purpose in a time of need.

The Results

Within two weekends we placed and strategically distributed 13,000 bottles of Detoxwater to over 1000 influencers, and 5000 vip event goers across 6 venues, 100 private estates, and 27 parties. Private parties included those of filmmakers, fashion bloggers, executives from CAA, WME & UTA, social media moguls such as Lil Mayo and YesJulz, musicians such as Bella Thorne, Zhu, Chainsmokers, AC Slater, Alex Da Kid, Timbaland and Skrillex to people of influence like Bill Gates and executives at Goldenvoice, NVE, Teen Vogue, Tao Group, 72 & Sunny and more.
The activation prompted 70+ user-generated Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat stories. Users shared themselves enjoying the product and staying hydrated during the festival. Detox saw a 300% increase in new website sessions, 36,000 likes, a total reach of over 200,000 people, 3.6 Million impressions,  and a 1,276% increase in average monthly exposure. Qualitatively, we surveyed attendees and found that they loved the product and felt that it was the perfect addition to their festival experience.

"Detoxwater is nothing less than amazing. By the end of the weekend our entire house was hooked on it and ran to purchase more. Having Detoxwater delivered to you makes you feel like a total VIP"


“Detoxwater was amazing to have at our party! Was a huge lifesaver & helped keep our guests hydrated in the desert heat. Also, pleasantly surprised with the great flavors!”

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