Apple ARKit

Is Apple Augmented Reality’s Savior?

By now, you’ve realized we’re living in a day and age many, even just ten years ago, would have never dreamed of. Concepts like artificial intelligence, teleportation, virtual reality, and augmented reality are unfolding before our very eyes. Until now, many say we’ve been living in a primitive age for much of these technologies. VR for example is going through its “Nokia phone” or “Palm Pilot” days, but one thing that’s really gaining steam is augmented reality. We won’t see augmented reality in all its glory until we’ve got glasses, or better yet contact lenses, but it’s coming soon, and to no surprise, Apple is leading the way.

During Apple’s last WWDC at the beginning of June, they unveiled its new ARKit to crowds who were astounded. Shortly thereafter, Apple introduced a free SDK (software developer kit) for the soon to be released iPhone 8 which was downloaded by millions of developers. This may not sound huge, but the same thing happened almost 10 years ago when Apple announced the app store, and $28 billion dollars a year later we’re at the verge of seeing the same boom happen to augmented reality.

Last year, Pokemon Go proved that we may not need to wait until we have the technology in front of our faces before it’s fun or usable. It was a good demonstration of it’s potential, but Apple is taking it to the next level and utilizing their user base, hardware, exceptional technology and brand to lord it over all the competition. Snapchat, Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Magic Leap and many other companies are at various stages of working on augmented reality, but none seem poised to have as much of an effect as Apple.

Developers love ARKit, and what people have created over the past few months is out of this world. Industries already being disrupted include interior design, architecture, dance, publishing and so much more.  There have been countless practical, fun and entertaining uses of AR on mobile device that have come out, with many more on the way. It feels like we’re in the middle of a Black Mirror episode.

ARKit is to officially launch this fall and paired with all the expected hardware updates from Apple, it’s supposed to be a big one. Social media, apps, and the internet, have changed our minds and behaviors over the last several decades. It will be interesting to see how augmented reality will continue to change ours, literally and figuratively. Under a constant critical eye, Apple is not yet done with innovation. These little leaps of bravado will continue to define a company whose story is constantly evolving as it aims to change humanity.

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