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Little Leaps of Mankind…

One thing Apple has never really seemed to be able to defend against are its leaks. Especially those right before a major keynote set to announce new products and initiatives. Over the weekend, that very thing happened as many undisclosed new features and products were found hidden in the code of a new iOS software update. Hopefully it doesn’t spoil the fun waiting for us tomorrow when Apple CEO, Tim Cook will give a special keynote at the newly minted Steve Jobs theater located at Apple’s magnificent new campus. There he will unveil what is rumored to be three new versions of the iPhone with new features and updates to other key Apple products like Apple TV, the Apple Watch, and HomePod.

iPhone X

Apple is reportedly announcing a new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. The cost is rumored to be somewhere around $1000. Yea we might balk at the price, but we all know if push comes to shove, everyone will buy it. Several telcos like AT & T already have payment plans in place for new iPhones so price won’t be a big issue here. The real question is will this new iPhone X outpace the sales of the iPhone 8.

Face ID

Face ID is a feature of the new iPhone X. Apart from the reported new screen and higher quality camera, the biggest new feature here seems to be the elimination of a home button. With that there is rumored to be no more touch recognition but now face recognition where your phone will unlock by identifying your face through the camera. Steve Jobs was known for simple and minimalistic designs and was often teased about getting rid of buttons. Face ID continues the move away from them, adding to the more than interesting move by Apple to eliminate extraneous features all together like the headphone jack.

Apple TV

Apple TV has been a sleeper hit for Apple since it was created. Now they are expected to announce 4K viewing. Technologically this makes sense and will help set them apart from other OTT devices. Paired with their projected $1B original content spend this year, Apple is making their TV offering more and more appealing.


HomePod is Apple’s answer to Amazon Echo and Google Home. The new device is likely to work with the Siri interface and Apple Music. This could be a huge win for Apple as Tim is expected to dive more into their plans for the new product.

We’ve said before we believe in Apple. They are one of the most powerful companies in the world, but they still run off of the mastermind of the late Steve Jobs. Since his departure, Apple doesn’t always feel as “wow” as it used to. This may not be a bad thing necessarily, the first ever locomotive the Ford Model T was created by Henry Ford, and since then, the automobile has had thousands of micro evolutions as the car of 100 years ago, pales in comparison to the car of today and tomorrow. We can draw similarities with Apple and the phone. We can’t help but hope to be wow’d by a big leap of ingenuity tomorrow. We’re all still waiting for Apple to dazzle us, and they may never again, or maybe it will take 10-20 years to realize just how dazzling it all is. We’ll just have to wait and see, for now, you can watch it all unfold here tomorrow at 10am PDT.

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