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Big Tech is all-in on ex-Tesla talent


Big Tech is all-in on ex-Tesla talent


The Future. With recession fears building, mass layoffs have hit Tesla. But according to a report from Punks & Pinstripes, those workers aren’t staying on the market for long. This game of Big Tech musical chairs may signal that, despite a looming recession, the job market is still weighted heavily in workers’ favor.

Adios, Tessie
Tesla talent is a hot commodity.

  • Big Tech companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google are quickly snapping up former Tesla talent.
  • EV competitors like Rivian and Lucid Motors are also hot for former Tesla talent, claiming over 90 former employees (so far).

The layoffs came after Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company would cut up to 3.5% of its workforce.

Top talent
The Great Resignation is still in full swing. Despite high-profile layoffs across the market, labor demand remains “extremely hot,” according to Daniel Zhao, a senior economist at Glassdoor.

Indeed, the battle for human capital has been fierce, as companies wait eagerly on the sidelines to snap up talent the moment their competitors let them go. Case in point, Zafar Choudhury, a recruiting lead at Amazon Web Services, declared on LinkedIn: “If the Emperor of Mars doesn’t want you, I’ll be happy to bring you over to #AWS.”

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