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iHeartMedia sets the stage in Fortnite

Courtesy of iHeartMedia

iHeartMedia sets the stage in Fortnite


The Future. iHeartMedia is launching a branded world in Fortnite dubbed “iHeartLand,” which will host virtual concerts, house various mini-games, and offer digital products. Don’t be surprised if this September’s iHeartRadio Music Festival surprises attendees by expanding its lineup to include some virtual-only shows.

Experimental encore
THR reports that iHeartMedia is tuning up for the metaverse.

  • iHeartLand has opened in Fortnite for players using the game’s “creative mode.”
  • Developed by Atlas Creative, the world contains a main stage (that will feature a Charlie Puth concert on September 9), an iHeart headquarters with a recording studio, and a recreation of the famous tunnel entrance at the HQ in NYC.
  • Users can also play several mini-games on the island, in which players can win “gold” to redeem virtual items.
  • The world will be free to users, with iHeartMedia using sponsorship deals and in-game advertisements (iHeart hired Super League Gaming to help sell ads) to profit off the venture.

iHeart says it plans to host 20 events on the main stage over the next year, including an album release party for Puth’s upcoming Charlie on October 7.

iHeartMedia joins several other entertainment companies, artists, and fashion brands that are turning to metaverse-like gaming platforms to reach new audiences.

The ambition of iHeartLand is all about democratizing access, especially for young people. Gayle Troberman, iHeartMedia’s chief marketing officer, says, “Are kids coming to the dinner table and talking to their parents about … [seeing] the Charlie Puth show in the State Farm Park, and then they played this game and they went to this tunnel? That’s going to be success for us.”

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