Advertisers get a host of Web3 communities

Professional meetups are now happening on Web3 communities like Discord, LinkedIn, and Telegram.

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The Future. Forget convention centers. The biggest professional meetups are happening on platforms like Discord, LinkedIn, and Telegram. As many top leaders congregate on Web3 communities, it’s possible that the next big think tank could very well be a Discord channel.

Suit, tie, and NFT
Insider highlighted some of the biggest advertising focused Web3 communities around:

  • JUMP. The Discord channel has become a popular hub for nearly 700 marketing and advertising execs looking to chat about all things Web3. JUMP also keeps the community going through weekly newsletters, panels, and in-person events.
  • NFT Frens. The private LinkedIn group has two barriers to entry: be interested in Web3 and have an NFT as your profile picture. Execs from Shopify, RTKFT, and Tesla are all part of it.
  • Business Professionals of the Metaverse (BPM). Started by the founders of the creative agency Versed, the Discord group focuses on education around Web3 applications, with an emphasis on democratization.
  • Club CryptoPackagedGoods (Club CPG). This Telegram channel pairs users with 50 mentors from fields like consumer goods and advertising, such as Mark Cuban and a16z’s Li Jin. Members can also access Club CPG’s investment vehicle. To join, users need to buy or be gifted a Club CPG NFT, which costs $67,000.
  • Friends With Benefits (FWB). The only one on this list that acts as a DAO, FWB is a community of artists, thinkers, and other Web3 influencers who all hold a $FWB token. a16z actually led a $10 million funding round for the group, valuing it at $100 million.

So, which one are you joining?

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