Will AI-generated content hit different?

While a robot can’t test a food or drug or speak from personal experience, it can deliver free ads.

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Will AI-generated content hit different?


The Future. While a robot can’t test a food or drug or speak from personal experience, it can deliver free ads — making it an attractive option to marketers in the face of a possible recession. Whether or not the advertising community replaces writers with machines will depend on how AI-generated content lands with audiences, though. If it doesn’t resonate and pass standard verification and viewability protocols, human scribes may still have the upper hand.

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When Adweek interviewed leading marketing executives about AI adoption, they echoed the same sentiment: the quality of content transcends the means of production.

  • One way to identify AI- or human-generated content would be to create a visual designation — such as a label or watermark — shared throughout the advertising industry.
  • A standardized seal could help marketers more accurately measure audience engagement and performance, as well as evaluate the strength of content generated by both.

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“AI might be able to flood the market with low-quality inventory, but it will pose little threat to premium publishers,” said Jon Roberts, chief innovation officer at Dotdash Meredith.

  • Because there are already thousands of websites of plagiarized content on the Internet, worries that AI-generated content will increase digital fraud might be misguided, according to Nandini Jammi, co-founder of Check My Ads.
  • As neither robots nor humans will entirely rid their work of errors, fears about the heightened spread of misinformation might be unwarranted, too.

That’s good news for writers who fear robots might take their jobs. With the understanding that audiences may ultimately determine whether marketers adopt or eschew AI-generated content, human scribes could hold the key to their own fate.

Kait Cunniff

Kait is a Chicago-raised, LA-based writer and NYU film grad. She created an anthology TV series for Refinery29 and worked as a development executive for John Wells Productions, Jon M. Chu, and Paramount Pictures. Her favorite color is orange.


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