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Like a Hawke

It’s no secret that some of the most influential innovations are born out of recognizing a problem or inadequacy in a market and then solving...

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The Kaplan Twins

Allie & Lexi Kaplan are flipping the switch on feminism and sexuality and disrupting the traditional art scene with an unapologetic Millennial perspective. Their art...

LJ juicebot the future party 18

Machine Meets Garden

JuiceBot vending machines are the first-ever robotic juice dispensers that keep light and heat oxidation out of garden-fresh fruits and vegetables for a truly fresh...


Wizard of OZ

The federal government is full speed ahead on so-called Opportunity Zones. They will have a huge impact on artists, creators, and entrepreneurs. Expect them to...

gen z


The digital natives born between 1995-2010 are an unpredictable but intriguing group. They consume new media at a terrifying rate, yet they are savvier and more realistic than Millennials. Probably...