Money-saving content wins in the current economy

People are turning to influencers to help them discover cheaper products.

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As the rising cost of living weakens consumer spending power in the US and UK, people are turning to influencers to help them discover cheaper products and services online. If brands want to maintain consumer trust and loyalty in a down economy, they can harness these reviews to inform their advertising.

Human vs. brand-first
Influencers are the most impactful when they serve their communities before they serve any brands they want to work with — or even themselves.

  • Of 2,000 adults surveyed in the US and UK, 45% report looking for more budget-friendly content since the cost of living escalated, with 59% saying influencers have helped them find cheaper options.
  • 43% go to Facebook for money-saving content, while 31% check out Instagram, and 28% prefer TikTok.

New materialism
At its best, the creator economy delivers instant and (often) free access to content that improves the lives of social media users.

As old beliefs about “value” are shifting, creators are taking notice — and adapting their messaging to resonate with deal-conscious consumers.


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