We’re more than a production agency

We are a multi-dimensional media partner


At the crossroads of pop-culture and entrepreneurship, we forge powerful thought-leadership through content and brand-led experiences. With a proven track record, we’ve partnered with industry giants like Netflix, Don Julio, COACH, Sundance Film Institute, Gala Games, and others. From grand-scale activations to meticulously curated moments, our experienced team consistently delivers top-notch results.


Cultural Collaboration

Authentic Brand Experiences & Opportunities ​

Showcasing the power of brand storytelling at cultural moments through innovative experiences and activations.

Our Expansive & Exclusive Community

Engage our influential global tastemaker community

Access to an in-depth network of industry professionals that’s been fostered for over 10 years across physical activations and digital channels.

A Powerful Media Platform

Original content and daily newsletter

250,000 daily active subscribers. 800,000 monthly expressions to the site, a large reach across multiple social media platforms.


Partner with us

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Our Offerings

Partnered Experiences
End-to-end agency production partnership

We are a powerhouse of creativity, collaboration, and expertise, dedicated to delivering outstanding activations from conception to completion. With a passion for excellence, we seamlessly guide our clients through every stage of the process, from pre-production to the final wrap-up. Our commitment extends to providing a comprehensive case study upon project completion, showcasing the exceptional results achieved through our collaborative efforts with agencies and brands.

Sponsorship Platform
Targeted opportunities with culturally relevant partners 

We will work alongside a brand or agency to identify the right moment to plug partners into cultural festivals, events and conferences throughout the year that take place outside of a TFP produced event. We’ll help facilitate the relationships between parties to make sure our clients get the most out of each engagement.

Audience Procurement
Curating high-value relevant attendees

Our team will work closely alongside your agency or brand team to identify your desired target audience to achieve top results for your activation. We guarantee audience fit and attendance to ensure your investment in this activation is maximized. Our host team will manage, support and streamline check-in and on-site guest logistics.

Media Amplification
Public relations and media boost through our channels

We excel at capturing powerful media exposure by leveraging our extensive network of press and media outlets. Through strategic partnerships, we activate a dynamic array of channels, purposefully aimed at securing far-reaching visibility that perfectly aligns with your brand and message, leaving an indelible mark on your audience.


We often host events, with a goal to inspire and inform through panels, dinners, parties, branded activations, and other fun experiences. These events are aimed to connect the top creators, entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and executive ninjas around the globe in entertainment, music, art, fashion, technology, and business. A generation fueled by purpose. 


Partner with us

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