Google Chrome’s AI can summarize whole articles for you

Chrome launches AI article summaries

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The Future. Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), an AI-driven program that already summarizes user search results, can now do the same thing for entire articles. While some find the feature slow and clunky, it could soon make search unimaginable without it.

Giving the gist
Google began the rollout of SGE’s new feature this past Tuesday.

  • On mobile, the feature will provide a list of bulleted “key points” after users click an icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • The upgraded SGE will debut on the Google app for iOS and Android before rolling out to the desktop Chrome browser.
  • Currently, the feature only works on free articles and can’t pass website paywalls.

AI vs. A eye
Some early users complain the feature is slow, clunky, and unnecessary, and actually makes search take longer than doing it the old way

The tech is likely to improve with time, but Google is unlikely to change course even if it doesn’t. CEO Sundar Pichai recently said these new improvements will, sooner or later, “just be how search works.”

Luke Perrotta


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