Google makes text-to-music a reality

Google’s been clear about what the public version of MusicLM can & can’t do.

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The Future. On Wednesday, Google released MusicLM, a generative AI program that creates music based on text prompts. When the tech giant unveiled the project months ago, they balked at a public release, citing copyright and ethics concerns. But the Gen AI arms race has led them to break that promise – and it may just redefine our relationship with music.

Testing, testing
Google’s been clear about what the public version of MusicLM can and can’t do.

  • Users can specify which instruments they want in a piece, as well as genre, “vibe, mood, or emotion.”
  • They can also ask MusicLM to write a score for a specific scene or situation, like songs from a punk concert or soft classical music for a dinner party.
  • But MusicLM won’t create anything based on prompts that include particular artists or singers.

Facing the music
Like all other content, music is threatened by the rise of generative AI. As it gets easier for AI to create authentic-sounding audio entirely based on other people’s work, courts will have to decide whether AI scores are truly music to their ears.

Luke Perrotta


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