Williamsburg artist graffitis top NFTs

Plenty of street artists have turned their physical work into NFTs, but few have taken NFTs and given them a physical, public home.

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Williamsburg artist graffitis top NFTs


The Future. Plenty of street artists have turned their physical work into NFTs, but few have taken NFTs and given them a physical, public home. Graffiti artist Masnah is looking to change that with commissioned works of the most popular NFT art pieces in the streets of Williamsburg. This new stage for NFT art may give a new spotlight to digital artists with a more universal audience.

A brick Opensea

Graffiti artist Masnah is making his mark on the NFT world — quite literally.

  • Masnah’s first commissioned piece, a cowboy CryptoPunk, gained traction when the owner started sharing pictures of the art on Twitter and NFT owners grew eager to see their digital art in a mural form as well.
  • Commission requests started pouring in, and Manash got to work. As more people discover his art, it has become a marketing vehicle for web3 projects.
  • Masnah also began his own NFT collection, and holders must buy his tokenized bricks to commission in-real-life art.

Masnah’s physical art is helping NFT holders gain recognition for their art and helping the digital artists see a permanent home for their work. The physical mural itself is linked back to the blockchain.

60+ murals have been commissioned to date, following the more recent trend where NFT art pairs with physical experiences.

Entering the hybrid-verse
Masnah’s artwork highlights the ever-growing synergy between web3 and physical spaces. The Williamsburg murals are already seeing replicated projects, like Manny Links in Los Angeles.

Looking ahead, NFTs and digital art will continue to pick up momentum, and the reasons behind investment will continue to evolve. Simultaneously, the project highlights a democratized world for graffiti art, where works are celebrated and preserved. Digital art and crypto-backed projects will give people more access to in-person communities, direct lines to artists, and premium experiences in hybrid environments.

Nick Comney

In 2022, Nick helps publish TheFutureParty daily newsletter. When he’s not wordsmithing for the newsletter, he works at Paramount as a copywriter — crafting dope experiences for brands like Nickelodeon, MTV, and CBS Sports.


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