Pixar tech may build the metaverse

3D ambitions unite Big Tech

Together with

The Future. Apple, Pixar, Nvidia, Adobe, and Autodesk have formed the Alliance for OpenUSD, a group aimed at popularizing an open-source Pixar technology that could facilitate 3D content creation. If successful, the Alliance could make the metaverse a reality… with or without Meta’s help.

Stronger together
The Alliance centers around Universal Scene Description (USD), a Pixar technology that streamlines 3D content creation pipelines.

  • USD makes it possible to integrate typically incompatible elements of scene description (lighting, rendering, animation, etc.) in one place.
  • While USD’s not the only available standardization tool, its ability to handle complex projects gives it an edge over competitors.
  • Open-sourced by Pixar back in 2016, USD is already widely used in animation. The Alliance’s leap is expanding its adoption to VR, gaming, and the metaverse.

Meta’s glaring absence from the Alliance suggests the company doesn’t want the metaverse to be created on Apple’s terms, and for good reason — widespread adoption of OpenUSD would likely cause a surge in 3D content developed for Apple devices like the Vision Pro headset.

While there’s no doubt 3D standardization is coming, the big question is: who will make it happen?

Luke Perrotta


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