Audio-only games make gaming more accessible

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The Future. For the past decade, audio-only games have rested on the fringes of the gaming industry. But technological advances may have laid the groundwork for a surge in audio-only gaming, which could expand our understanding of what games can be.

Hear ye hear ye
15 years of technological development have put audio-only gaming in a strong position.

  • Released in 2010, the iPhone 4 had hardware that allowed developers to create spatial audio, which led to an explosion of audio-only mobile games like the Papa Sangre series.
  • The recent development of advanced VR headsets has allowed players to manipulate spatial sound cues by turning their heads, making audio-only games more immersive.
  • VR and AR have also made the culture accustomed to games that rely on 3D space rather than a screen, making audio-only games more intuitive to the general public.

Sonic boom
Audio-only games won’t just increase accessibility but also provide another creative reorientation of players’ senses. Without the primary emphasis on graphics that most modern games have, audio-only games can prioritize storytelling and dialogue in a way that resembles live storytelling more than triple-A gaming.

Besides, less screen time wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Luke Perrotta


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