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How can concert tickets become more accessible?


How can concert tickets become more accessible?


The Future. As fans prepare for Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour, they’re bracing for the likelihood that they won’t be able to secure tickets. If the music industry hopes to restore balance and end ticketing chaos, it might have to adjust its model so that different groups of people can come together at a fair and equal price point.

The artist’s way… or the highway?

Insider outlines a few solutions to the ticketing problem from mega-producer Jack Antonoff, who shared his thoughts with Variety on the Grammys red carpet this past Sunday.

  • Artists should be able to opt out of dynamic pricing, which increases the cost of tickets as demand for them mounts. They should be able to sell tickets at a price they believe in and is fair to their fan base.
  • Because artists often spend their own cash to design, produce, and bring merchandise to their shows, they shouldn’t have to give a cut of their profits to the venue, which taxes that merchandise.

The K-shaped music economy

“The second everything fluctuates is the second it goes K-shaped and turns into a weird free market,” according to Antonoff.

In other words… as the wealthier get better access to life’s luxuries (in this case, concert tickets), the poorer could experience the opposite. Ugh.

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