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New NFT sales will back Ukraine’s war efforts

Russian Invasion NFTs // Illustration by Kate Walker

New NFT sales will back Ukraine’s war efforts


Future. There’s been plenty of chatter around whether or not NFTs are a bubbling fad about to burst, but Ukraine’s new “Russian invasion” NFTs show that they could add real value to social causes and communities in need. The Ukrainian government is minting each NFT to align with key news events of the war, with all proceeds supporting the country’s army and civilians.

Web3 war wins
At first glance, NFTs helping the war sounds like Kendall Jenner offering a can of Pepsi to create world peace, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shown that web3 offers valuable and actionable support during these difficult times.

  • As of mid-March, Ukraine had received almost $100 million in crypto donations.
  • Ukraine is one of the first countries to put its government records on the blockchain.
  • Female rock band Pussy Riot formed ‘UkraineDAO’ to raise funds for the organization Come Back Alive, supporting the Ukrainian armed forces.

A token of pride
The NFT collection, titled “Meta History: Museum of War,” is the first of its kind to commemorate a country’s pride and unity with blockchain technology. 54 pieces have been minted to reflect events during the first three days of the war, with the first few dropping next week. This collection underscores Ukraine’s tech-forward thinking during the war, with implications for how other countries should look at their economies and global support systems moving forward.

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