Has ChatGPT ruined homework forever?

The arrival of ChatGPT has disrupted schools everywhere, and there’s no going back.

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Has ChatGPT ruined homework forever?


The Future. The arrival of ChatGPT has disrupted schools everywhere, and there’s no going back. While teachers may fear an increase in cheating and plagiarism, they might actually be able to harness the strengths of the AI tool to enrich their classrooms. Because today’s students will graduate into a world full of generative AI, they’ll need to know how to use these tools ethically, and teachers can help.

Are teachers even necessary now?
NYT argues that schools should embrace ChatGPT as a teaching aid to unlock creativity and prepare students to work alongside AI in the future.

  • ChatGPT can be a teacher’s best friend, as it can act as a tutor, debate partner, starting point for in-class exercises, or means for English language learners to improve their writing skills.
  • As tools like ChatGPT become a fixture of society, students will have to learn how to navigate life with AI. They’ll need hands-on experience to understand how it works, what bias it contains, and how it can be misused.

The bottom line
Banning ChatGPT in schools won’t work. The administration can block the website, but students can still access it outside class.

If ChatGPT continues to evolve over the next few years, let’s make it our study buddy instead of rejecting it altogether.

Kait Cunniff

Kait is a Chicago-raised, LA-based writer and NYU film grad. She created an anthology TV series for Refinery29 and worked as a development executive for John Wells Productions, Jon M. Chu, and Paramount Pictures. Her favorite color is orange.


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