A Summit at Sea

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The Virgin Scarlet Lady (Richard Branson’s new luxurious cruise ship) took off from Miami on May 18th, just after sunset, with two thousand people on board. Why? Summit at Sea, presented by Summit Series, or what veterans call “spring break for CEOs”. While Summit at Sea has already seen three iterations and sailed to many places, this year was extra special. In fact, all of the “Summiters” on board weren’t ready for what was a truly transformative experience. We were lucky enough to be there.

At a time when the world is constantly on the move, we were challenged to embrace the power of the present moment. The event urged us to let go of distractions, immerse ourselves in the stunning natural surroundings, and fully engage with transformative programming. By fostering a collective mindset focused on mindfulness and being fully present, Summit at Sea created an environment where people could tap into their inner potential, unlock creativity, and make the most of every precious moment.

In reflecting on our four days in paradise, a few key pillars stood out to us. 

Cultivating Impactful Connections
One of the central themes of Summit at Sea was the cultivation of impactful connections. Through a carefully curated program of interactive sessions, workshops, and shared experiences like The Magic of Human Connection, we had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and establish connections that actually transcended the event itself. The intimate nature of the ship allowed for authentic exchanges that fostered a sense of community, enabling us to make lifelong bonds. 

Personal Growth and Exploration
This was more than just a conference—it was a transformative journey of personal growth and exploration. Influential speakers like Scott Galloway gave us provocative predictions for the future, and inspiring discussions like Tristan Harris on The A.I. Dilemma encouraged us to challenge our assumptions, expand our horizons, and push our limits. 

Entertaining and Fun
It wouldn’t be a Summit event without some serious fun — not quite sure what’s better than a giant dance party in the middle of the ocean. Although, partying with Richard Branson on board came a close second. There were also curated workouts in VR, a jam room, and bingo! Not to mention the food was out of this world.

Leaving a Lasting Impact
As Summit at Sea drew to a close, the impact of the gathering reverberated within the hearts and minds of everyone. The connections we made, the knowledge gained, and the inner work we were challenged to do, like Simon Sinek challenging all of us to find our “why,” will continue to shape our lives and drive positive change long after the event.

Summit at Sea demonstrated the power of immersive experiences and intentional networking, creating a ripple effect extending far beyond the confines of a conference, and sparking a wave of inspiration for everyone who went. 

We just hope to be there again next year.



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