TikTokers rebrand landlords as “house hackers”

TikTok “house hackers” are on the rise

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The Future. ICYMI, there’s a new financial TikTok craze in town: “house hacking.” And it’s the practice of buying a house or multi-unit building and sharing the living space with tenants who pay the mortgage for you. While the trend can be lucrative (or even ruinous) for the hacker, it may still be a little misleading to the tenants… whether they’re aware of it or not.

“Living for free”
The new trend allegedly allows middle-class people to bootstrap their way into owning property

  • House hackers can utilize government-backed loans with smaller down payments offered only to people living in the property they’re buying.
  • Still, hackers take on a lot of debt, and there’s no guarantee they’ll find tenants.
  • House hackers don’t always tell their tenants they own the building, sometimes pretending to be a roommate instead. 

Landlord says what?
Some argue house hackers are just landlords rebranding themselves with a less polarizing name — hoping to be seen as trendy, self-made entrepreneurs rather than exploitative landlords.

Whether the term or the trend sticks is hard to say. Many house hackers bought their properties during the pandemic (right before prices shot up), so if the market takes a dive, they could, too.

Luke Perrotta


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