Athletic Greens gets unicorn status

Wellness supplement brand Athletic Greens just raised another $115 million in funding.

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Athletic Greens gets unicorn status


The Future. Leading wellness supplement brand Athletic Greens just raised another $115 million in funding, showing how customized wellness regimens are moving from cult-fad to mainstream. The brand, now valued at $1.2 billion, is on its way toward giving the multifunctional beverage market Red Bull-level recognition.

All in on the wellness market
Athletic Greens’ notable valuation underscores an ongoing uptick in mainstream wellness initiatives in the beverage industry.

  • Spirits and beer brands are releasing new low and no alcohol options on the daily.
  • Celsius energy drinks are a newer fan-favorite alternative to Red Bull and Monster, showing up everywhere from the local fitness boutique to VIP Art Basel events.
  • Functional coffee brands like Four Sigmatic and coffee-alternative MUD/WTR are becoming less niche.

And there’s no sign of these trends slowing down anytime soon.

Going green
Despite its name, Athletic Greens’ premise is that they’re a wellness supplement for everyone, not just athletes and fitness junkies. Founder and CEO Chris Ashenden said, “We see a world where people wake up, brush their teeth, have a coffee, and take AG1.” Based on the hype and the funding to back it, the brand could be the world’s next “Got Milk.”



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