X, the new… sports betting platform?

Together with

The Future. BetMGM, the sports betting operator, has partnered with X to make its services available on the platform. The move could remake X as a betting hub and fix its revenue problem — or accelerate the mass exodus of reputable advertisers from the site.

A calculated risk
As of Friday, BetMGM is officially X’s “exclusive Live Odds Sports Betting partner.”

  • Initially,this service will require X users to click through to BetMGM in order to place bets, but in the future, they may be able to place bets on X directly.
  • At first, users will only be able to bet on pro football, but other professional and college sports will become available over time.
  • The deal marks yet another pivot towards making X an “everything app” that features online shopping and subscriptions in addition to text-based content.

All in
Recent leaks and teased interviews have boosted X’s popularity, but financially, the platform is struggling. Elon Musk has already alienated advertisers with his erratic behavior and problematic views. 

A turn to sports betting could make the platform money — and untouchable for advertisers.

Luke Perrotta


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