Tech billionaires refuse to grow old

Wealthy tech entrepreneurs and investors around the world are pouring money into age-reversal programs.

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Tech billionaires refuse to grow old


Future. Wealthy tech entrepreneurs and investors around the world are pouring money into age-reversal programs. They aim to manifest the Longevity Mindset, which is the belief that you can alter yourself to avoid mortality. While this idea might seem sci-fi, a flood of tech giants and scientists working behind the scenes may soon make it a plausible reality.

Turning back time

The anti-aging industry is expected to grow to over $64 billion by 2026, a 45% increase from 2020, as massive tech companies like Google and Bezos-backed Altos Labs find ways to increase human longevity and decrease age-related health risks using science like gene therapy and reprogramming, a process that makes old cells young again.

While the billionaires call first dibs at trying regenerative technologies, everyday people are also looking into social and physical ways to self-optimize their lifespan for free.

  • Community: People blame toxic friends for speeding up mortality, so they’re cutting them off to support a longer, less stressful life.
  • Rest: Humans need 8 hours of sleep for a full night, and people with longevity mindsets  are mandating their sleep schedule to preserve their wellbeing
  • Diet: Nutrient planning and energy maximization diets such as intermittent fasting are essential to the longevity mindset; indulgent snacks are more or less banned.
  • Exercise: Increasing muscle mass aids human longevity, so keep up the “leg day” and core routines

Studies even show that media consumption habits have a direct impact on human longevity, and people with the Longevity Mindset should watch, read, and listen primarily to content geared toward the idea of living longer vs. entertainment.

Do we really want to live forever?
The million-dollar question is — do we want to live life to the fullest or live life to its longest? Many people answer with the former and will enjoy a normal-length life that includes cheat days, mindless TV, and escapist reading. Others say that it’s absurd to try to fight aging when there’s still no cure for prevalent diseases and medical conditions.

Still, the science is there, and the technology is in the works. We may well have a future where today’s tech elite will be alive to influence our great, great-grandkids.



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