The internet changed the way we talked about business this year

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The Future. 2023 saw the expansion of our collective business jargon, with funny words and phrases for various forms of disengagement breaking out on social media. If workers want help setting boundaries or being more productive in less time, then they may not need to look further than Instagram or TikTok for inspiration.

Language matters
Fast Company highlights the business terms that entered our lexicon this year.

  • Bare minimum Mondays: a solution to the Sunday Scaries, the idea behind this phrase is to ease into the workweek by checking a few things off your to-do list rather than feeling pressure to crush all your goals at once.
  • Lazy girl jobs: this term argues that “you don’t have to work 9 to 5 to earn a living” by working smarter, not harder, in WFH jobs that pay well and offer flexibility.
  • Loud quitting refers to employees actively seeking other jobs and being against the organizations they work for, while grumpy staying refers to people who are just going through the motions at jobs they can’t leave.
  • Quiet hiring: this phrase means giving workers additional responsibilities they didn’t sign up for… without a pay increase… or sometimes any discussion at all.
  • Going into monk mode is all about ignoring distractions (phone, Slack, and email alerts) until you complete the tasks at hand.

Highs and lows
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