The “lazy girl job” is the new quiet quitting

The rise of “lazy girl jobs”

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The Future. The “lazy girl job” is the newest internet-minted work trend — a cheeky response to the very serious issue of burnout. Whether or not the anti-rise-and-grind culture is as widespread as TikTok may lead us to believe, the truth may be the unhealthy overtime culture of boomers was the product of an economic era of seeing a tangible return on that investment rather than the DNA of the generation.

Hustle no more
Another day, another term for wanting out of the rat race.

  • “Lazy girl jobs,” per Bloomberg, are “low-stress, low-effort roles that pay decently well (think $60 to $80k) while allowing plenty of freedom and flexibility.”
  • Of course, this doesn’t apply to just women, but it seems to be a refutal of the “girl boss” trope.
  • The term was coined by TikTok creator Gabrielle Judge, who has since quit her day job to work on monetizing the term (never waste a branding opportunity, we guess).

No matter what term is in vogue now, the overall vibe is young people are looking at the economy — the inability to afford a home, shrinking benefits, mass layoffs — and saying, “no thanks.” It’s better to keep their mental health in check.

But is that really true? While Gen Z does preach work-life balance, a recent Deloitte survey found they’re actually working really, really hard

Hey, those bills need to get paid somehow.

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