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72andSunny partners with criminals

The Future. In a country in desperate need of prison reform, more companies will follow 72andSunny in forming partnerships that recognize the vast, underutilized talent pool of incarcerated people.

Vincent Bragg served 5 years, 1 month, and 22 days in federal prison for selling drugs. While incarcerated, he met the founder of an underwear company. They began hosting marketing “think tanks” for the brand.

The think tanks became popular amongst other inmates, who relished the opportunity to brainstorm brand ideas. Bragg realized he was on to something. When he was released he created ConCreates, a creative agency where all the creatives are current or former inmates.

But why inmates? Is there something that makes them uniquely creative?

Bragg thinks so.

“We believe that creativity without opportunity is criminality,” he told Adweek. “We look at drug dealers as entrepreneurs. We look at graffiti artists as art directors.”

Enter 72andSunny, one of the most prestigious ad agencies in the world with a client list that includes Google, Samsung, Activision, and Carl’s Jr. It rose to prominence with the Samsung campaign mocking Apple fanboys for waiting in long lines.

The agency just announced an unprecedented partnership where brainstorming will be outsourced to ConCreates. 72andSunny will tap ConCreates’ 755 criminals (436 of which are currently incarcerated) to submit pitches.

All who participate will be compensated, with bonuses for those whose ideas are used in client-facing pitches and, ultimately, live campaigns.

So get ready for the next big Super Bowl commercial to be written in jail.