Grimes grades her AI copycats

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The Future. After announcing that she would split half the recording revenue with anyone who made a successful AI-generated song using her voice, Grimes has been true to her word and provided a tool to help people use her vocals. Hundreds of songs have already been created, which may demonstrate there’s a market for offering your likeness to other artists… as long as permission and proper revenue-sharing are in the mix.

Listening session
How does the real Grimes feel about all the new fake Grimeses?

  • For starters, Grimes and her team debuted a software called that allows anyone to turn their vocals into Grimes’ — a generation called “GrimesAI-1.
  • Over 300 songs have been made using the tool and have been submitted to streamers for distribution.
  • She sat down with NYT to review five songs made using the tool… and, lo and behold, she’s a big fan. (They’re all pretty fascinating.)

Grimes, who has been toying with AI for years and interestingly views the identity of “Grimes” as something separate from herself, is no stranger to selling herself for parts. In 2020, she put up 10% of her soul for auction (whatever that means) for $10 billion.

There have been no bidders.


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