Apple pulls its mixed reality headset into focus

Apple’s “Reality Pro” may set a new vision for the AR/VR industry.

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The Future. Apple is hoping it’s on the verge of a new iPod or iWatch moment with its coming mixed reality headset, stuffing it with features that may make it far easier to use and better looking than any other headset on the market. While its initial rumored $3,000 price point may be too steep for most Americans, Apple’s strategy of pricing devices high, only to discount them soon after to drive demand, may work once again.

Apple’s “Reality Pro” may set a new vision for the AR/VR industry.

  • It reportedly boasts a sleek “ski-goggle” design and an external battery pack, which means people may actually take it outside.
  • While only 8.8 million AR/VR headsets shipped overall last year, Apple likely hopes that its connection to its other devices will make it a must-have item (it may be able to act as an alternative screen for a connected Mac).
  • While connectivity to apps like FaceTime is basically assured, the company is looking for a unique “killer app” for the device — like the health capabilities of the iWatch.

Can Apple be the one to finally take VR and AR mainstream? We’ll have to wait and see at the company’s annual developer conference on June 5.


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