Metaphysic wants actors to copyright their own AI doubles

Tom Graham is trying to put a stamp of authenticity on his duplicate self.

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The Future. Metaphysic CEO Tom Graham has officially submitted his AI likeness for copyright registration, hoping to create a precedent for people to have their identities protected from malicious deepfake creators. Meaning your AI double could be the only sanctioned AI double. But with fair use policies not yet updated for the rise of deepfakes, new laws may need to be passed to complete Graham’s ambition.

The second and only

Tom Graham is trying to put a stamp of authenticity on his duplicate self.

  • Graham says that he is the “author” of the work.
  • His rationale is that he used a curated data set to train the AI tool used to make the replica.
  • He also “added other manmade work” to complete the process, including editing and compositing.

The author bit is key because the US Copyright Office only grants copyrights to AI-created work that has been augmented to the point where a human has done most of the work.

Fake for hire

Graham hopes that receiving copyright paves the way for actors and other public figures to protect their identity in a world where it’ll become very easy to make deepfakes of anyone. They’ll be able to request a takedown of any unsanctioned deepfake found on the internet (like the digital double of Tom Cruise that was made with Metaphysic’s AI tool).

That’s all a big maybe, though. THR says that the concept of “fair use” may make that dream a little more complicated because copyrighted works can be used under the function of parody, commentary, criticism, or news reporting, and is transformed enough to alter their original purpose. 

That’s why Kendrick Lamar was free and clear to make his deepfake-focused “The Heart Part 5” music video.


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