AI dating apps replace ghosts with bots

AI apps hit the dating scene

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The Future. AI-enabled dating platforms are taking app stores by storm, promising users bots will do all the leg work in finding matches, making small talk, and even scheduling dates. In actuality, AI may be taking the humanness out of connecting (arguably, dating apps have already been doing this). But if finding the love of your life is simply a numbers game, then maybe dating bots are an inelegant way of optimizing your search… as long as they keep from fibbing.

Assisted flirtation
Dating apps are entering their AI era.

  • Teaser AI promises everyone gets a “chance” with someone else by having a user’s custom bot chat with other users’ bots. When the bots get small talk out of the way, the humans are looped in to decide if they want to set a date for real.
  • Iris Dating is basically Mark Zuckerberg’s FaceMash for dating, with the platform’s AI only surfacing potential matches based on users’ very particular attraction to specific facial features.
  • Blush AI isn’t really a dating app but an “AI-powered dating simulator” that allows users to practice their chitchat with the hope of building their confidence by walking them through typical conversation. Just don’t fall in love with it…

Bloomberg tested out these apps… and had some hilarious results. Teaser made up facts in conversation, Iris surfaced matches the user didn’t find attractive, and Blush was straight-up chaotic in the simulated conversation, moving between aggressively flirty and repeatedly asking where the user lived.

If none of these options sound appealing, there’s always Breakup Buddy — potentially the first breakup app programmed to assist users in getting over a heartbreak. Considering AI’s winning streak so far, color us suspicious that it’d help.

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