Amazon and Warner Bros. Discovery race to secure Nascar races

Full stream ahead for Nascar

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The Future. Nascar might be getting into the streaming game with a new batch of races that are up for grabs. While it’s a small package to start, top streamers are already circling, showing an appetite for any sport with wide appeal can attract platforms looking to supercharge growth. And with racing in the spotlight due to the explosive popularity of Formula One, a really ambitious platform could try to create their own Drive to Survive moment around the exhibition of the races.

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The broadcast rights of a handful of Nascar races are up for grabs, and streamers want to take the wheel.

  • According to Bloomberg, Amazon and Warner Bros. Discovery are vying to secure the package of six to eight summer races for their Prime and Max streamers, respectively.
  • Additionally, a third unnamed company is also in the mix but has decided to remain private.

The move would give Nascar a lane in streaming, following a similar strategy that the NFL (with Amazon and YouTube) and the MLB (with Apple) have done, clearing a path for a bigger streaming play down the road.

And the deal could prove extremely lucrative for Nascar, which already counts NBC and Fox as broadcast partners in a combined deal of about $820 million a year. It also sold a package of over 30 races to The CW for $115 million annually in a deal that starts in 2025 and goes through 2031.


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