Drinking and shopping is big (but shrinking) business

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Drinking and shopping is big (but shrinking) business


The Future. Alcohol is notorious for giving us loose lips, but, it turns out, also some loose wallets. A new study found that about 45 million Americans ran up a tab of $14 billion last year in purchases made while drunk or tipsy. Surprisingly, that’s a declining number from recent years, meaning that either alcohol consumption is on the decline or we’re just getting better at following our budget under the influence.

Cocktails and commerce
The personal finance website Finder found some interesting insights into those that shop under the influence.

  • 1 in 6 Americans (primarily men) shop while intoxicated.
  • Millennials were the reigning inebriated champs, with 33% of those surveyed saying they’ve swiped while sloshed (compared to only 2% of boomers).
  • They spent an average of $309 last year on buzzed buys.
  • They typically buy food, clothing, shoes, more alcohol, cigarettes, or gamble.
  • But 19% (again, mostly men) hilariously reported that they have also bought pets, not totally sober.

While $14 billion seems like a lot, that’s actually a major decline from the $39.4 billion spent while drunk in 2019. It must be because of all the young people switching to mocktails

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