Apple unboxes AR/VR headset… to its board

After a few years of setbacks, Apple previewed its mixed reality headset to its corporate board.

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Apple unboxes AR/VR headset… to its board


Future. After a few years of setbacks, Apple previewed its mixed reality headset to its corporate board… meaning that the product is most likely in its advanced stages and should be ready soon for a public showcase. Considering the devotion that Apple products command around the world, the release of its AR/VR headset may finally launch the tech into the mainstream.

In the mix
According to Bloomberg, Apple is finally lifting the lid on its upcoming mixed reality headset, with the tech giant giving a first look to its eight independent directors and CEO Tim Cook.

  • The board presentation is a good indicator that Apple plans to publicly debut the product very soon.
  • For example, after the company showed the board Siri back in 2011, it was announced publicly several weeks later.
  • It would be Apple’s first major new product category since the company introduced the Watch in 2015.
  • The hope is to roll out the headset to shelves sometime next year.

Codenamed N301, the headset will have both AR and VR capabilities and runs on a new operating system called rOS. Apple is currently working on turning several of its mainstay apps into AR versions that will be compatible with the headset while also developing new ones to do  “tasks such as streaming immersive content and holding virtual meetings.”

A standalone pair of AR glasses (codenamed N421) are also in development.

Seeing revenue
Currently, Apple devices business accounts for roughly 80% of the company’s annual sales. The hope is to send that skyrocketing even more, especially as Meta is the only real competitor in the space… but Alphabet, Microsoft, and Sony are also jumping into the mix.

But there might be plenty of demand to go around for everyone. According to the International Data Corporation, the AR/VR headset market grew 92% last year.

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