Tech cuts lines

New apps are making waiting in line obsolete.

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Tech cuts lines


The Future. New apps are making waiting in line obsolete, freeing up people’s time to do literally anything other than standing in place, like enjoying a popular event or running daily errands. In a bid to make some events more exclusive, expect to see some venues or retailers institute mandatory lines in order to appeal to a truly diehard fanbase.

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With a smartphone in hand, you may never have to wait in line again.

  • Whyline allows users to claim their place in a virtual queue at banks, retail stores, and even LAX. It was recently acquired by biometric ID company CLEAR.
  • Safe Queue automatically lets users know when they’re within 1,000 feet of a participating store. Users can then join the line and wait somewhere else until it’s their turn.
  • Even Universal Studios Orlando is rolling out virtual lines for its rides, which can accommodate groups of up to ten people.
  • And in case a place doesn’t have its own app (or works with a third-party app), you can always hire a “line stander” on TaskRabbit.

Soon, the days of striking up spontaneous conversations in line and feeling the hype of whatever you’re waiting for may be a relic of the past. In the age of COVID, many may be happy about that… for now.