Americans think Big Tech needs a babysitter

A new poll from Axios has found common ground between most Americans.

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Americans think Big Tech needs a babysitter


The Future. A new poll from Axios has found common ground between most Americans: they want some government action on Big Tech. From online privacy to AI, people feel as if technology is running their lives instead of acting as tools that they control. With Big Tech seemingly only getting bigger, expect the next year to be one of increased regulation.

Silicon skepticism
So, where are Americans’ biggest points of concern when it comes to Big Tech?

  • 69% want to limit the use of AI when it comes to hiring (just try to get an interview on Indeed…)
  • There’s a bipartisan belief that there should be both public and government monitoring of algorithms.
  • Everyone also thinks major tech companies are simply too big.
  • Not surprisingly, 78% feel they are being personally targeted by online ads (because they certainly are).
  • Also, 56% say they are dependent on their smartphones, with 46% saying they feel anxiety when they don’t have it on them.

“We’re in a situation in which we already depend so deeply on technology for all of these aspects of our day-to-day lives,” Christine Himes, dean of Lewis College of Science and Letters at Illinois Tech, said in an interview. “But at the same time, we have a deep distrust of this same tech.”

It may be time that we all underwent a temporary tech detox.


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