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Barbados to build an embassy in the metaverse

Virtual Barbados // Illustration by Kate Walker

Barbados to build an embassy in the metaverse

The Future. Crypto-friendly Barbados is planning on establishing a digital embassy within the (not here yet) metaverse as early as January. The Caribbean island is officially the first country to recognize digital real estate as land that can be claimed… which is sure to inspire other countries to gobble up land in digital worlds as a way to exert power over the coming virtual economy.

Sovereign on the server
Soon enough, you can become a citizen in the metaverse.

  • The Caribbean country of Barbados is planning to establish an embassy within the coming metaverse.
  • The Barbadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is working with crypto-company Decentraland to establish the digital embassy.
  • It’s also working with Somnium Space, SuperWorld, and “other metaverse companies” on the project, which is set to launch in January.
  • The embassy will comply with international law and the Vienna Convention.

So what will this consortium of companies actually be doing?

  • Identifying and purchasing land.
  • Architecting the first virtual embassy and potentially future consulates.
  • Developing facilities to provide services such as “e-visas.”
  • Constructing an avatar “teleporter” so that users can travel between the embassies and the sovereign (digital) land of Barbados.