Barbie bags all the brand crossovers

Brands just can’t get enough of Barbie

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The Future. Brand strategist Moshe Isaacian has outlined an exhaustive breakdown of all the ways Barbie (the movie, not the character) is making its presence known. With Barbiecore becoming a bonafide design sensation, we have a feeling that we’re going to see hot pink all summer long… giving Mattel a buzzy start to its renewed focus on film and TV.

It’s a Barbie world
Barbie has…

  • A themed Xbox console
  • A dream house in Malibu you can rent on Airbnb
  • A car with Forza
  • A shoe with ALDO
  • A Progressive Insurance ad
  • A Pinkberry soft-serve flavor
  • A roller skate with Impala
  • A boat cruise in Chicago

And, truly, so much more. At this point, Barbie wants to take 007’s playbook and turn it into the brand equivalent of a Cheesecake Factory menu.


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