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The Future. As homes get more expensive and high-interest rates keep people from buying new ones, the US stews in a worsening housing crisis. Some companies — like BotBuilt — hope to remedy the problem by automating stages of the construction process. If it works, we could see more affordable homes… but more wasteful suburbs, too.

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BotBuilt, an automated home construction firm, aims to make construction faster and cheaper for homebuilders.

  • BotBuilt automates the process of construction framing and sells this service to homebuilders.
  • The firm’s robots assemble wall paneling, roof trusses, and floor trusses for homes. They can build almost any custom design.
  • BotBuilt’s machines cost roughly $1 per hour to run, far undercutting human labor costs for the same process.

The firm currently has nine homes built but plans to construct more next year.

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If successful, BotBuilt could help resolve a joint availability and affordability crisis, like a new Levittown. But — like Levittown — this shift could create more suburbs (which are notoriously resource inefficient) instead of urban developments.

Still, a roof over your head is better than none.

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