Revenge is a dish best served right now

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The Future. In 2023, stars and influencers took their revenge on those who wronged them — and made a lot of money doing it. Revenge pays, so get ready to possibly see more of it as a brand strategy next year.

Sweet treachery
Several celebrities reaped cash rewards from difficult experiences this year.

  • Taylor Swift became a billionaire this year during The Eras Tour, which highlighted her decision to purchase the rights to all her music and re-record old albums to reclaim them from unscrupulous business partners.
  • Taylor Rue, a contestant on Love Is Blind, spun a painful on-screen moment into a company by naming a makeup brand after her ex’s insult.
  • Dylan Mulvaney, a popular trans influencer and TikTok personality, has been offered several brand deals and even received rewards after conservatives boycotted Bud Light for partnering with her in an ad campaign in April.
  • Ariana Madix (from Vanderpump Rules) learned that her celebrity boyfriend cheated on her this past March and turned the publicity into several lucrative brand deals.

Call it a comeback
The success of “revenge imaging” likely comes from the popularity of underdogs — and this year, women harnessed that image to such significant effect that it could inspire others to follow in their footsteps next year.

And why shouldn’t they? This way, everyone wins.

Luke Perrotta


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