Brands brace for a potential TikTok ban

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The Future. The potential TikTok ban has reignited discussions about the risks of relying solely on viral success as a sustainable marketing strategy. While the bill has yet to pass the Senate, the possibility of losing access to the platform will likely shape how brands think about marketing, no matter what the White House decides.

Ban or no ban?
Brands are creating contingency plans ahead of a potential TikTok ban.

  • The bill to ban TikTok is now moving to the Senate, where its fate will be determined, potentially leading to a countdown for the company’s US operations.
  • Most brands aren’t too frazzled by the potential ban and are creating contingency plans on competitors like Reels and Shorts in the meantime. 
  • Still, others acknowledge that no existing platform can truly replicate TikTok’s cultural cache and level of engagement.

Wait and see
Most brands are skeptical that a ban would ever take place — especially with how much money is behind the platform. According to eMarketer, TikTok is expected to top $8 billion in ad revenue this year, making for a growth of 31% year-over-year. Erik Hamilton, vice president of search and social at Good Apple media agency, put it best:

“There’s so much money here that it seems crazy that they wouldn’t just spin it off or sell it to whatever consortium of US companies, be it Microsoft, Oracle, whoever the buyer is.”

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