Business degrees are losing their shine

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The Future. Graduates of the country’s most prestigious business schools are having more trouble finding work than they used to. But those who do land jobs are getting paid more than ever — which suggests that the economy’s most profitable sectors may be getting even more unequal.

It’s just business
2023’s business school grads are getting fewer job offers than previous classes did.

  • Just 86% of Harvard MBAs got employment offers within 90 days of graduating this year, down from 95% in 2022 and 96% in 2021.
  • Stanford GSB mirrors that trajectory, with 89% of 2023 MBAs getting offers, down from 93% last year.
  • For UChicago MBAs, the drop was 95.6% from 96.8%.

This dropoff isn’t surprising given that tech and consulting have seen hiring slowdowns, and MBAs typically seek jobs in these sectors.

More for fewer
The grads who receive job offers are earning more than before. This year, Harvard Business School grads could expect an average starting salary of $175,000 (up from 2021’s $150,000), while Stanford GSB grads netted an average of $182,000 (up from $158,000 in 2021).

Even business is starting to look like a lottery.

Luke Perrotta


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