Coca-Cola collabs with AI on a new flavor

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The Future. Coca-Cola has announced a new limited-edition beverage that was partly created with AI. It’s the first beverage at the company to be made using the technology. While no one knows quite yet if Y3000 actually tastes good, it may simply be an experiment to see how AI can be utilized across the company.

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Even Coke is cracking open some AI.

  • The “Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar” was co-developed by humans and a proprietary AI system.
  • So, what does it taste like? According to the soda giant: “future-flavored,” which Coke says combines “fan perspectives across the world and AI insights to create the unique flavor.”
  • It’ll be available in select markets around the world (including the US), with a full-sugar version also available in North America.

To go with the drink, the brand is launchingY3000 AI Cam, which lets consumers scan a QR code to view an AI-generated rendering of what the year 3000 looks like. 

Spoiler alert:  it’s a lot of Coke colorways.


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